RokBlok is a wireless portable vinyl record player

RokBlok is a wireless portable vinyl record player

The popular tv show Shark Tank has backed many famous products. From garb logo Bombas to Breathometer and Manscaped, and what’s taken into consideration Shark Shark Tank has made many happy entrepreneurs. who took his concept for to the “sharks” to look if he ought to get any bites.


If you’re a vinyl album lover then the RokBlok might be right up your alley. The device is billed you touch the blok’s lever.

the song, which can be heard coming from the blok’s analog speaker.

What makes the RokBlok precise

Bluetooth speaker or headphones as long away as 30 toes away. So, if the sits on top of an album, how does it get its electricity?and will play as much as four hours of rockin’ amusing for a single price?

Now, for all of you vinyl-heads out there, you will be thinking just what form of information the RokBlok performs. Well, if you have singles, EPs, or even LPs, you are in success with this tool.

rokblok shark tank

in particular, if it may sit on the pinnacle of 45s and play them seeing as that forty-five RPM statistics aren’t very wide. Well, the RokBlok measures a tiny 4 x 2 inches long. So, essentially, anyplace you could find a flat floor to set your album collection down, the RokBlok can play it.

On top of its compact capabilities, the RokBlok has a bamboo and MDF construction, making it very lightweight. might be completely vinyl safe and have a diamond-tipped needle so that it will play songs and find it irresistibly turned into supposed to be performed.

how much is rokblok worth

 The RokBlok internet site sells the portable report participant for $99.00, however, if you venture over to the internet site, you will see that it is presently offered out.

The subsequent batch received’t be to be had until December and whilst no unique December date has been given, the makers say you could reserve your RokBlok and in case you do, you may no longer simplest get first dibs on it, but they may also throw in a restrained-edition bonus gift. Patience is a distinctive feature.

The RokBlok is the brainchild of founder Logan Riley. Before RokBlok became an issue, Riley wore a few distinct hats. From 2007 thru 2021, Riley worked for Apple as a Creative Education Lead. Riley bounced around after that, turning into a Manager at Fuze, Inc., And then a Lead Instructional Designed at Pandora.


In 2015, Riley have become the founding father of Pink Donut, an idea corporation. According to the Pink Donut about us web page, their “sole reason is to create for the sake of creating and to proportion our creations with others.” The RokBlok become born at Pink Donut.

Logan Riley took his idea to Shark Tank in the thirteenth episode of season 9 (December 2017). He changed into there seeking out a $300,000 investment for 15 percent equity. The “Sharks” that day were Mark Cuban, Barbara Corcoran, Robert Herjavec, Kevin O’Leary, and Lori Greiner.


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