Who Was Godfre Ray King?

Godfre Ray King (1893 – 1986) was an American author, mystic, and spiritual teacher.

Born Godfrey Raymond Keeler in Brooklyn, New York, King was the only child of well-to-do parents. His father was a successful businessman and his mother was a socialite.

In his early twenties, King began to explore the occult and metaphysical teachings of theosophy and spiritualism. He also became interested in the work of Edgar Cayce, an American clairvoyant who claimed to be able to channel information from the Akashic Records.

Who Was Godfre Ray King?

Ballard claimed that Saint Germain had tasked him with establishing a spiritual organization, which he called the “I AM Activity.” King became involved with the I AM Activity and began to channel messages from Saint Germain himself.

In 1932, King and Ballard published Unveiled Mysteries, a book that detailed their alleged travels with Saint Germain. The book was a bestseller and established King as a leading figure in the New Age movement.

King continued to channel messages from Saint Germain and other ascended masters and wrote several more books on the subject, including The Magic Presence and The Disappearance of the Universe. He also founded the Saint Germain Foundation, a spiritual organization dedicated to spreading the teachings of the ascended masters.

King remained active in the Saint Germain Foundation until his death in 1986. His work continues to inspire and influence many people interested in New Age spirituality.

What Was His Message?

Godfre Ray King was a 20th century American mystic and spiritual teacher.

King’s primary message was that each individual has the potential to connect with their own higher self, or God-consciousness, and that through this connection they can access infinite wisdom and knowledge. He taught that we are all connected to one another and to all of life, and that we each have a responsibility to help create a world that is in harmony with all of creation.

King’s teachings have inspired many people to connect with their own spirituality and to work towards creating a more peaceful and loving world. His message is as relevant today as it was when he first shared it over 100 years ago.

Who Were His Followers?

Some of his followers included:

1. Guy Ballard: Guy Ballard was an American businessman who became interested in the I AM teachings after meeting Godfre Ray King. He went on to write a number of books about the I AM movement and its teachings.

2. Edna Wicker: Edna Wicker was a Canadian woman who became involved with the I AM movement after meeting Godfre Ray King. She eventually became the head of the Canadian I AM organization.

3. Charles Fillmore: Charles Fillmore was an American Unity minister who was also interested in the I AM teachings. He met with Godfre Ray King on several occasions and eventually wrote a book about the I AM movement.

What Happened To His Message After His Death?

Godfre Ray King was an American author and spiritual teacher, best known for his work with the Summit Lighthouse and his promotion of the teachings of the Ascended Masters.

King was born in Chicago, Illinois, in 1898. He studied at the University of Chicago and later became a successful businessman. In the 1930s, he began to study Eastern religions, and eventually became a disciple of the Indian teacher, Meher Baba.


King began to share these teachings with others, and eventually became the leader of the Summit Lighthouse, an organization dedicated to spreading the teachings of the Ascended Masters.

King continued to share the Ascended Masters’ teachings until his death in 1973. After his death, the Summit Lighthouse continued to promote his work, and his teachings remain popular among new-age spiritual seekers.

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